RMB Exchange Service

The company uses bank clearing machine transactions is fast.

RMB Remittance

To provide China's provincial bank remittances convenient.
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Remittance service

Bank Wire:
Private remittance
The name, account number and account holder name of the payee bank.

The company remittance
must provide the Beneficiary Account Name Bank, account number and bank account in the company's full name.


postal savings remittance:
Postal savings account number and account holder name

Deposit Service

On behalf of customers for deposit services, foreign currency and Hong Kong dollars all the agent deposit, convenient procedures, fast.
Private deposit: Name of the deposit bank, account number and account holder's name.
Company deposit: the name of the deposit bank to be provided, account number and the company in the bank account full name.

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Express remittance service

Company with the major domestic banks jointly launched a special remittance services, customers are welcome to provide the following bank account number, Experience a safe, convenient, fast remittance one-stop service.

cooperate with major banks, including: